Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lost SSS e-1 form? (Philippines)

Lost SSS e-1 form? (Philippines) but you know your SSS number...

Okay kapatid so you lost your SSS E-1 form and you need it as soon as possible for pre-employment requirements or many more personal reasons that you don't really have to tell me.

Guess what you are on the right page! I too lost my SSS E-1 form  and I'm kinda timid and shy to ask or call SSS so what I did is try to search for clues or solutions to my problem here in the web but unfortunately all I have encounter are queries from fellow kapatid who lost their SSS E-1 form as well.

So here just to let you know this might not apply to all but here it goes!
I'm from Diliman so first I called SSS to know what SSS Branch should I go and they  instruct me to go to the Cubao branch I don't know the exact address but if you do know I could edit  and update this blog anyways it is near Kidney Center, NSO, GMA well etc.

Okay so I went there around 10 am. Just to let you know they open around 8 AM close? not sure but i suggest you come early as 8 am because  you'll be expecting a quite big number of fellow kapatid waiting for their turn to be called.

1. Go and Proceed to Booth 1 (Information Booth)

2.  Explain to the Information Girl/Boy that you know your SSS number but unfortunately you lost the original SSS E-1 form and tell her/him that you need it for your (pre-employment requirements, or any personal reasons you have etc.)

3.The Information girl/boy would ask is this the MicroFilm? Just say yes!
Well just to  let you know  "microfilm" is their term for the copy of your SSS E-1.

4. They would give you two kinds of forms to fill up and you would be redirected to Verification Booth.

5. Before you proceed to Verification booth fill out the forms be sure to input your correct postal code.

6. Proceed to Verification booth, get a number, sit and wait for your turn.

7. When you are called give the 2 forms to the encoder tell her you need a microfilm she will give you another form to fill out and voila after few minutes let's say 2-4 minutes depends on how fast your encoder types well ass soon as the encoder return the small form to you she would inform you that it is on process and you'll get it after a month.

  Yes you read it right kapatid it is FREE and you'll get it after a month!
 So what if you need it immediately for you requirements well as for me what I did is photocopy the small form released to me by SSS it's a Microfilm thingy form and I showed it to our HR and they accepted it so there goes my problem---- solved!

Kapatid I hope this works for you!


  1. Thank you for sharing :) This really helps

  2. wow!! thanks so much for this, ive had this problem for months now..thank you again!~

  3. bakit po walang small form na binigay sakin? binalik lang po ung isang form na finill out ko then sabi i can get the copy after 1 month :|

  4. reply pls.. i need it for my pre employment T__T

  5. Hi! What if you have an E-1 form but you don't have the SSS ID? Because that's the case with me, and I don't really remember why I don't have the ID (I think I was told it would be mailed to my address, but I obviously never got it).

  6. Im gonna try these steps tomorrow!

  7. wala bang online?ung number lng naman ung need eh..

  8. bakit sakin pinapagawa pa ako ng request letter ng gwardya dahil nawala e1 ko?..

  9. Meron po bang downloadable form nung request for copy of E1? or need to go presonally talaga sa SSS branches.

  10. this was not helpful at all.. my new employer needs it tomorrow at dapat digitized. Can't I get it off the sss website? I do have an account, I just don't know where to find it.

  11. same problem with miss Maria Isabel de las Cagigas. anyway miss maria may i ask, what did you do to resolved this sss issue?

  12. what if you dont know also your sss number

  13. How about for ofw? Can my family member inquire for me?

  14. This is accurate. I went to SSS earlier. I wasn't asked if I was requesting the microfilm though. I'll be getting my E-1 on June 30.

    When I got to SSS at around 1pm I went to Booth A and told the lady that I lost my E-1 Form and that I needed another copy. She gave me 3 short forms to fill out and I was asked to proceed to Booth B where I was given a queue number for the Verification. When it was my turn at the Verification part, the lady simply put a number on the forms I had then she took the 2 forms and left me with 1 claim stub-ish form. :)

    1. What branchs did you process your sss e1?

  15. what if i don't know the SSS number?

  16. pwde po bang kumuha ng panibagong kopya ng e-1 ? empty kase binigay sken na e-1 kaya hindi ko alam ung ss number ko saka hindi ko pa nmn nagagamit noong taon 2011 ko pa po nakuha un hindi ko lang npansin na empty binigay sken.

  17. Hi! I need help on how to get a copy e4 on line i just want to view my dependents/beneficiaries

  18. what if i lost the e1 form and i did not memorize my sss number???

    please help!!